Boredom & Baking

My Mother is constantly trying to introduce a healthier lifestyle for the family, and so, she decided to not buy any sweets or chocolates, but rather have plenty of fruits. Now i am not a big fruit lover, (a few of them are not that terrible, honestly, but apples and bananas? No thanks), but sometimes they aren’t enough for a time when you’re craving cookies and cakes.

Having absolutely nothing to do and after spending hours scrolling through Instagram and torturing myself with perfectly photographed pictures of delectable, delicious desserts, I decided to get off my ass and bake something. Looking through a few recipes, I ended up finding a delicious recipe for a single peanut butter cookie. (OriginalRecipe:

Instead of making the cookie whole, I instead made two of these cookie doughs, and split it up into 12 mini, bite-sized cookies. The recipe calls for 15 minutes of baking, but i left them in for around 5 minutes and they turned out perfect. I also decreased the amount of peanut butter mentioned in the recipe because it was way too rich for my taste.


(Couldn’t wait and ate two before snapping this oops…)

I sprinkled half with sugar, and the other half was spread with my mom’s homemade strawberry jam, (recipe for that will be up soon)  which was delightful and simply delicious.


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