Review on CW’s “The Flash”


So, I am strictly a Marvel fan. I love all the movies (Doctor Strange I’m waiting for you), the plot always grabs your attention, they have the perfect actors for each role, etc.

I am one of those people who would prefer Marvel over DC any day…but my cousin recently told me to try out The Flash, that it really is a good show. It just so happened that my father’s friend lent him the first two seasons so I thought “Alright, let’s give it a shot…”.  I binge-watched the entirety of the two seasons, 23 episodes each, in three days, so yes, I actually really enjoyed it. It has a good plot and relatable characters  (looking at you Cisco) so it did get me hooked. But, there are a few things that really annoy me throughout the series.**spoilers included, so don’t read if you haven’t watched it**

One of the things that bugged me more than anything while watching was the script. It was so lamely scripted I could cry. I mean I was literally talking along with the characters and could just tell what they were going to say due to the lame, overused and basic script.

Another thing that really annoys me, and this is probably a very unpopular opinion, is Iris West. Her character is so annoying because she is so irrelevant in the team. They went as far as including a dying mother and a long-lost brother who, by the way, is just as irrelevant as she, in order to try to make her relevant. Okay, I get the fact that she was his best friend but she really did not need to become part of “Team Flash”. The story would have been a lot better if she had known he was the Flash, but spent time with Barry Allen not Flash, and being present in every single moment in all his missions and always “pulled him out of the darkness”.

That’s another thing I really didn’t like. I really hate the fact that Barry has this massive crush on her. Of course he does. And everyone knew? His dad even knew, and he had been in prison since Barry was eleven years old! Well, everyone except Ms. Iris West herself. Of course she didn’t know. And she eventually realized she likes him back and, oh, what a surprise they end up together. Of. Course. They. Do. This is literally the plot for every single sappy love story ever. They could have made the show so much more interesting by giving him a more interesting love interest, but no they went for the best friend.

Alright, there are good aspects of the show, like Cisco, Caitlyn, Harrison (Earth 2 Harrison obviously not the one in season 1). Also, the plot is interesting. They always keep it mysterious and build up to big moments. The great thing is there is always something that’s mysterious and exciting and serves as a “big finale reveal” but they don’t drag on the secrecy in the things that viewers are extremely curious about, such as revealing the Man In Yellow, or Zoom (saw the Man In Yellow coming, but did not at all expect who Zoom turned out to be).

All in all, it is not bad at all, and I am pretty excited for Season 3 coming out sometime in the fall I believe.


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2 thoughts on “Review on CW’s “The Flash”

  1. LOL I’m really glad I read this post about the show. I’m also really addicted to these types of superhero shows as well and went ahead and gave this show a shot. Rotten tomatoes had rated it about 98% and I found a hard time disagreeing with the ratings but a lot of things were off and I wanted to know your opinion on a few things as well. So first, YOU ARE SO CORRECT about iris being useless to the flash team. I feel like this could also make Barry have difficulty in moving on with her and it gets irritating for a journalist to be working with a scientific team like WHAT? The two don’t generally mix ( even though she is a blogger for the flash) she is a big distraction for Barry and often times I feel like she was added as a will booster because a general theme across the show is self doubt within Barry’s character. If he doesn’t have a strong will then he can’t use his powers to his full abilities. Everything you said I totally agree with also what do you think was he point in adding patty to the plot? I didn’t really see her doing much… TBH I feel like without Tom cavanaugh the show would not be as successful as it is today!

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    1. I don’t know about patty…maybe they’ll somehow bring her into the plot somehow or something? She was pretty useless as well.. And yes, it definitely would not be as successful without Tom Cavanagh!


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