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Review On BBC One’s “Sherlock”

Waited a few weeks before typing this post in case they surprise us with an extra 4th episode in series four but it doesn’t seem likely…Heavy spoilers ahead, if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read on. Also if you haven’t, exit this page and go download it or purchase it. Worth. It. Take my word for it.

This series is inspiring. You watch one episode then you find yourself trying to observe if the lady with a red nose and no ring is just having a cold or a nasty divorce? No tissues in her bag? She must have just gotten an awful call, for if she were sick she would have a wad of tissues with her, surely?

This modern twist on the classic Sherlock Holmes is refreshing, and the storyline is a lot more interesting seeing as how it could very much happen these days, unfortunately with the absence of an actual highly functioning sociopath.

The rewrite of John and Sherlock’s relationship is also another fun element in the series since here, Sherlock has a more selfish and arrogant personality which John seems to look past and focus on how amazing his deductions are, which in turn just feeds Sherlock’s ego more. They feed off of each other and they help each other out and they tease each other…all with the help of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s acting, who amplify the characters personalities.

One of the things I didn’t particularly enjoy was the overusing John being mad at Sherlock plots. When Sherlock supposedly came back from the dead and John got mad at him, when Mary passed away and John wouldn’t forgive him, and all then times in between. But the good thing that came out of those scenes was that their relationship would evolve just a little more each time they make up.

John was first a friend, became a best friend, and ended up being family, taking part in the whirlwind of the family disputes of the final two episodes of the series, which each need a whole blog post about themselves.

-The Lying Detective-

This was voted as one of the most popular episodes in the whole Sherlock series. And rightfully so. Why?

The Lying Detective was loosely based on The Dying Detective from the books, but the episode takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Quite literally. It starts with John still seeing his deceased wife, still talking to her, still imagining her. He talks to her as though she were really there. At one point theres a tease that she may still be alive although the second afterwards they correct us and confirm she actually is dead. Sherlock can’t bear it that he let her pass away right there in front of him and refuses to come to terms with the fact that he did not in fact kill her but rather she died saving him. He leaves cases unsolved and causes havoc in Mrs. Hudson’s home, who in turn tucks him in the trunk of her stylish car and takes him to see John so he would stop ruining his body and her home. Mrs. Hudson herself could be why this episode was as epic as it was, for she reveals that despite her frail appearance is actually a Badass. Capital B. She takes Sherlock to John and forces John to talk to Sherlock who still don’t make up just yet, but still run together to track down the shark toothed, evil, manipulative Culverton Smith. Smith turns out to be a serial killer who ‘turns people to things’ and collects them, a little fact revealed while Sherlock lies in a hotel inspired by H.H.Holmes, begging for death. Very chilling scene. John luckily comes to the rescue, they make up. And there is a JohnLock hug. And instead of a secrect brother there is a secrect sister. The East Wind.

Still waiting for a season 5….

They won’t let us down…

We can’t stop searching after 4?

Moriarty will return, better than ever. They simply can not bring him back in that epic scene and leave it at “5 years ago”. I do not accept. There will be more of our Bakerstreet Boys, they’ll be waiting right where we left them at 221B Baker street. *Sherlock wink* *fading Sherlock theme song*


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