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Final Sketching Jury

If you read the “about” section of my blog, you’ll see that I am currently an Architecture student, which means projects not homework assignments, and juries instead of final exams. I am also required to take summer courses which is totally fine since it’s only 8 weeks and I enjoy the courses anyway.

I had only taken two courses this summer, one of which required a portfolio of all the work done throughout the 8 weeks, and the other course, a sketching class, had a final jury.

The day of the jury is usually a bit hectic since everyone is running around making adjustments to their final presentation (since there is always a grade on presentation) and looking for a place to stick everything up with proper craftsmanship (you wouldn’t want a piece of tape showing behind your drawing, one of your drawings, or worse, an entire board falling off in the middle of your presentation).

This jury wasn’t as crowded and rushed as usual since the space we had this time was pretty big, there were not a lot of students or a lot of juries.

I was very happy with my final work and my presentation, and I had worked very hard on making everything look good, and there was not a single thing out of place. We had not been informed about who was going to be judging our work, and to my surprise, this teacher that has been my jury for every single presentation i had till now was involved.

I really don’t want to bash anyone….so all I will say on the matter is that this particular teacher had never liked my work, nor my style of working. I would never present anything I am not 100% happy with, and I am ready to do whatever it takes in order to make sure my work is perfect.

Anyway it really does not matter since I was very happy with what I presented, and even though I don’t feel like I got the grade I deserved, it’s really not all about grades but rather learning everything you possibly can about each course you take.


The final is the purple “filmstrip” at the bottom. We had to draw different areas of the university and arrange them together in a manner similar to a filmstrip. the other drawings are pieces we had done throughout the semester using different mediums.

Final Presentation Middle 5 images: final project done in Touch markers. Others: classwork done in pencil, watercolours, marker and charcoal.



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